​A Brief Overview of Computing Program Accreditation in ABET (美国ABET中计算科学专业认证的简介)


报告题目:A Brief Overview of Computing Program Accreditation in ABET 美国ABET中计算科学专业认证的简

报告人:张健 副教授(ABET认证组织评估专家)

单位:德州女子大学、美国工程与技术认证组织(ABET, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology



报告摘要工程教育专业认证是保证高等教育质量并实现专业培养国际相互承认的重要途径,因此专业认证受到了世界各国的重视。美国是进行工程教育专业认证较早的国家之一,其认证制度目前已发展得比较完善。美国的工程教育专业认证是由美国工程与技术认证组织( ABET, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology )提供,ABET是得到美国高等教育界和工程界的广泛认可和支持的唯一的工程教育专业鉴定机构。本次报告主要介绍ABET组织机构以及该组织进行专业认证的方法。重点介绍ABET中计算机相关专业认证的条件,认证的过程,以及如何为ABET评估做准备。该报告将为国内高校准备计算机专业认证和专业课程建设提供一些参考和借鉴。

报告人简介:Jian Zhang is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), Denton, Texas. She received her PhD and a MS in Computer Science from Tulane University in 2004 and 2002, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China in 1996.

 Her research interests include information security, computational intelligence, and computer science education. She is especially interested in the adoption of innovative approaches to teaching Computer Science and is passionate about increasing STEM awareness in youth. In 2018, she successfully completed an NSF S-STEM project ($599,000) which awarded scholarships to qualified TWU STEM students. Currently, she is the PI of an NSF funded collaborative research project ($299,997) which studies spatial skills and their impact on learning computer science. She is also the external evaluator and the coordinator of the advisory board on another NSF funded project on accessible computing. She has served on multiple program committees including the Program Co-Chair and Symposium Co-Chair for the SIGCSE symposium. Dr. Zhang is an ABET CAC Program Evaluator since 2017.