Computational Intelligence Inspired V2X Communications
发布时间:2018-12-18 浏览:395

报告题目:Computational Intelligence Inspired V2X Communications

报告人:Celimuge Wu,副教授





  With the emergence of various vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as driving behavior analysis, real time traffic information update, and autonomous driving, a new communication architecture which can achieve ultra-low delay and high throughput is crucially required. Computational intelligence (CI) covers a broad range of nature-inspired, multidisciplinary and computational methodologies, such as fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, evolutionary computing, learning theory, and probabilistic methods. This talk will focus on the applications of CI in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications.


  Celimuge Wu is an associate professor of The University of Electro-Communications. His current research interests include vehicular networks, mobile edge computing, and computational intelligence. He is/has been a TPC Co-Chair of Wireless Days 2019, and ICT-DM 2018. He is/has been serving as an associate editor of IEICE Transactions on Communications and MDPI Sensors, a guest editor of IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, ACM/Springer MONET. He is an expert member of IEICE Technical Committee on Communication Quality, and IPSJ SIG Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Communications. He is the chair of IEEE special interest group on Big Data with Computational Intelligence.