Approaching Academician Shanlin Yang: Research, Teaching, Walking, None Can Be Omitted

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"Why not revise the paper when there is still time?!" On May 26th, in the Intelligent Interconnection System Anhui Laboratory at Hefei University of Technology, a loud voice pierced through the almost frozen air and echoed in the hall. An elderly man sitting on a rattan chair sternly criticized two doctoral students, repeatedly urging them to continue revising their papers without showing any mercy. Even though the next day was the day of their doctoral dissertation defense, it was still a shining moment for a doctoral student to present their achievements.

The old man, wearing a white shirt, navy blue pants, and black leather shoes, exudes simplicity and rigor; with a broad forehead, neat hair, and lively eyes, he radiates vitality. This old man is Academician Yang Shanlin of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, usually amiable and friendly, but particularly strict when it comes to scientific research.

With a great ambition for the country, he bravely climbs the peak of technology. Over the years, Yang Shanlin has led his team to conduct scientific research around the country's major needs, achieving significant breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing engineering management, medical and health engineering management, and other fields.

The "Intelligent Mobile Minimally Invasive Endoscope System with Human-Machine Collaboration" led by him has been equipped on large naval vessels such as the Liaoning aircraft carrier. This is the only minimally invasive equipment used for medical support on naval vessels in China. It is also equipped and used in the new generation of intelligent expanded medical rescue cabins, which is the first set of minimally invasive equipment in China that can achieve high-mobility strategic delivery through the use of the Y-20 aircraft. In addition, with the help of this equipment, the first 5G-based human-machine collaborative minimally invasive surgery mobile remote guidance was successfully conducted. In 2020, this equipment was recognized as the world's most advanced technological achievement in the field of the Internet.

In 2020, at the early stage of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yang Shanlin, risking a high risk of infection, personally led the team to enter the hospital to collect requirements and quickly launched the "Cloud-based Intelligent Mobile Remote Interaction Service System for COVID-19 Prevention and Control". It was soon deployed in Huoshenshan Hospital, Leishenshan Hospital, and more than 1,000 medical institutions nationwide.

As a leading figure in the field of Management Science and Information Systems Engineering, Yang Shanlin is particularly proud that his team has trained hundreds of master's and doctoral students in China's management discipline, and has provided a large number of high-level innovative management talents.

In the laboratory, in a corner of the office building, whenever Yang Shanlin encounters passing students, he will stop and take over the questions they throw at him, patiently answering and guiding them. The sparks of research inspiration collide and shine in the exchange and dialogue.

The scientific research career requires generations of people to pass on the baton, and no generation or individual can put an end to the development of science and technology. Therefore, cultivating young people is equally important as scientific research for a scientific and technological worker." Yang Shanlin said that the most important thing in cultivating doctoral students is to train their ability to independently engage in scientific research, especially their ability to think independently. Yang Shanlin, who is dedicated to educating students and never tires, has been awarded the National Teaching Master and National Model Teacher, and has been honored with the first National Innovation Pioneer Award.


is the fitness method that Yang Shanlin has persisted in for many years

From his home at the school to the laboratory

Yang Shanlin has counted

a total of over 1000 steps

Several back and forths every day

It has been over 40 years of walking

But at the age of 74

He still has no intention of stopping.

On the road to becoming a technological powerhouse, Yang Shanlin has a firm gaze and a resolute stride. Just as he said, 'Look to the future, act practically, move towards the forefront, and strive for the summit!'

Yang Shanlin, born on October 5, 1948 in Huaining County, Anhui Province, is an expert in Management Science and Information Systems Engineering. He is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor, doctoral supervisor, and director of the Academic Committee of the School of Management at Hefei University of Technology.

For more than 40 years, he has been studying and working at Hefei University of Technology, and has been engaged in research on intelligent decision-making theory, information system technology, and management system engineering. He has made significant breakthroughs in the fields of intelligent manufacturing engineering management, medical health engineering management, etc. He has led his team to achieve a series of original achievements in the research and development of intelligent medical equipment and artificial intelligence systems, which are widely used in China's hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, emergency rescue, naval ship medical support, and aerospace fields. In 2020, he was awarded the World Internet Leading Technological Achievement."