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The faculty and students of the college achieved outstanding results in the 2023 Eighth National Cryptography Technology Competition

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From November 23rd to 25th, 2023, the finals and award ceremony of the 8th National Cryptography Technology Competition concluded successfully at the Bodha Campus of Xinjiang University. The competition attracted more than 1,500 students, teachers, and technology professionals from 488 teams representing 93 universities, research institutions, and cryptography industry units from across the country. The competition lasted for six months, with 146 teams advancing to the finals. Among them, 19 teams received first prizes, 35 teams received second prizes, and 87 teams received third prizes.

A team composed of faculty and students from the School of Computer and Information Science at Hefei University of Technology participated in the competition. After the preliminary and semi-final rounds, four teams qualified for the finals, earning one second prize and three third prizes.

Title of the Work

Team Leader

Team Members


Software   Design and Implementation of Decentralized Multi-Institution Attribute   Signature Algorithm

Baiqi   Wu

Peiming   Dai, Hong Cheng

Second   class prize

Software   Design and Implementation of Homomorphic Encryption Based on National   Cryptography Algorithms

Chao   Wang

Feilong   Zhang, Ziyi Gan

Third   class prize

SQL   Query System for Homomorphic Encrypted Databases

Xiaoqing   Ren

Peng   Zhuge, Haituo Lu

Third   class prize

High-Speed   Implementation Technology of National Cryptographic Algorithms on Domestic   Platforms

Zixu   Wang

Rongrong   Gao, Yibo Wang

Third   class prize